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really brings up concerns of making sure the scouts live by the scout oath and law, when really we're supporting an idea that goes against it. >> the problem is that we as churches are setting a moral code in people's lives, as we're the conscience of the nation. and we have all our scout volunteers sign our statement of faith. and it's within that environment we're all in agreement of what we believe, that we're training our boys and teaching them to honor god and to be, as you say, "morally straight." and that would be incompatible with this change in scouting. we could not continue our relationship with them. >> reporter: to pascal tessier, the concerns makes no sense. >> sexuality does not have a place in scouts. it's about having good morals and be able to be a good person. so i think that bringing sexuality into it doesn't have any effect. your sexuality doesn't affect your morals. >> reporter: and some supporters of admitting gay scouts say the policy change doesn't go far enough. the boy scouts have drawn the line at 18, still refusing to accept gay adults as scout leaders.
of law thursday. and people say that this is a wonderful book. not actually that good a buck, but it becomes more and more relevant and fascinating as time goes on. ago, maybe the time but now russian oligarchs are sending their children and it is becoming more and more relevant. from the viewpoint of a recession, it becomes a much more important book he was. -- to us. >> i think it is a masterpiece, the book that keeps coming back and never dies. now we get it again. profound and lasting about how the society that we have created, capitalism, materialism, agreed. -- and greed. >> you were saying that when the recession -- i think that i agree with him but i would go further and say what the book hits right now is the ambivalence. we want to chase the pleasure. that symbol for everything that we want, we have learned the hard way, the hollowness and how toxic that is. >> that is what the novel is about. we keep doing it again. >> the last time they had a big with mias the 74 movie farrow. the oil crisis. the time before that was the 49 movie on youtube. shelly winters. about
.r.s. and making sure that they apply the laws the way they were intended. that's true with respect to the security of our di comes, whichs why we're going to need to work with congress to make sure there's adequate funding for what's necessary out there. now, with respect to the department of justice, i'm not and pending case, but i can talk broadly about the balance that we have toÑi strike. leaks related to national security can put people at risk. they can put men and women in uniform that i'veñr sent into te battlefield at risk. they can put some of our intelligence officers who are in various dangerous situations that are easily compromised at risk. now, the flip side of it is we also live in a democracy where a free press, free expression and the open flow of information helps hold me accountable, helps hold our government accountable and helps our democracy function. and, you know, the whole reason i got involved in politics is because i believe so deeply in that democracy and that process. >> rose: joining me from washington jessica yellin, cnn's chief white house correspondent. karen tu
of the law it killed one of the babies and she could have have two of them. there are so many options that i -- i want to point out, reduction, to view that as killing a baby, that's an extreme through. >> it kills a baby. >> the reason american couples are going to india to do this is because it's cheaper. you can get an american woman to be your surrogate but that cost about four times more so yes, they are making contracts. >> it cost $50,000 in the u.s. for a surrogate? >> it cost at least that much. i have read that in india you can spend about $25,000 on a surrogate mother and four times that would be a hundred dollars, importantly, not all of that goes to the mother, but that is involved in the larges contracts and the contracts are so important not only to ibs but that that the mother understands what the contract terms are and it's so unfair to think a woman would carry a baby nine months without understanding how and why and how those things would go down. >> at least you understand why they're going to india though. it's cheaper. but i could not agree more on adoption. the people
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)